2 Gedanken zu „(Nederlands) Live Stream – Uitvaart Annick Dobbelaere

  1. It was good to share from UK in the moving funeral service, with tributes from the family and friends on behalf of all who knew Annik. The language difference was no barrier, and I was able to join in spirit with you all. I remember with thanks the many years of fellowship by Joyce and myself, and by
    Springfield Park Baptist Church Chelmsford UK. Our sorrow is great, but we can look forward to an eternity of fellowship around the Throne of God. We pray for Samuel and his family and all of you at this time of sadness.

    • Thank you very much John. Your sincere compassion is very much appreciated. It is a great deal to know that people are caring and praying for Samuel and the family. Again, thank you very much and bless you.

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