Who are we?

Do you know this building?

Bethel Kerk, Lombardsijde

Bethel Kerk, Lombardsijde, Dorpsplein 40

Since 1998 it has housed the Bethel Church. You may often walk past it and wonder what lies behind its walls?

This building, used by a community of men and women like you, wants to be a welcoming place for those who seek the meaning of their lives, an answer to their fundamental questions, for those who, like you, hunger and thirst for truth and justice.

We are a Baptist church that testifies to the possibility of a renewed life through the Good News of Jesus Christ. In this, the Bible is the foundation of our teaching. We have no other boss than God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Since 1986, the Bethel Church has been affiliated with the Union of Baptists in Belgium v.z.w. (U.B.B.), which in turn is affiliated with the Association of Protestant Churches in Belgium (V.P.K.B.) recognized by the Belgian State.

The Baptist Churches in the world are one of the most numerous Protestant groups with over 100 million members in 209 countries. They are ardent defenders of freedom of conscience and respect for human rights. Martin Luther King was a Baptist preacher.

Official Recognitions

Belgian Baptists receive official recognition (bpnews.net)