From old to new

With this post we want to say welcome to the new site of the Protestant Baptist Church “Bethel”

After a long time we have decided to finally renew our site. This site will not just look different, but also will be a lot more active. We are looking forward to share our activities and events with you and also the blessing and growth of our church.

Another extra about the site is the blog. That part will bring you up to dat about what is going on in our church, our fieldtrips, camps and so much more.

Please take your time to look around and maybe write a little encouragement in our guestbook.

Do you notice anything that can be corrected or upgraded? Do you have any ideas, comments or questions? If so, you can visit our contact page. There you will find all the information you need to contact us.

2 thoughts on “From old to new

  1. Hallo ihr Lieben, Gratulation zu der neuen Homepage! Hier sind kleine Korrekturen der Fehler:
    – bei Home: Glaubenssichtung – richtig: Glaubensrichtung
    – bei Wersind wir: dem Chor – richtig: Chor
    – bei Contact – richtig: Kontakt

    Frhe Weihmachten,
    Manfred (aus Mainz)

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