Visiting Mainz

On the weekend from September 12 to 14 our church went to visit it’s partner church in Mainz, Germany.

As always we have been welcomed with open arms. The food was set and the guest families were ready waiting to pick up their guests for the weekend.

Friday night was short because we had arrived rather late then planned. One of the cars of our Church members had caught fire while on the way to Mainz. Although it wasn’t a positive experience, we can thank God that there weren’t any big accidents because of it. We hope and pray that everything will turn out alright.
Also the people from the church in Mainz have done what they could to help in this episode.

When arriving in Mainz we had great meal. Following the program was shared and the people were appointed to their guest families…. Except for the youth who stayed in the church together with the local youth.

While the adults had a city trip in Mainz on Saturday and visited the Gutenbergmuseum, the youth spend time together sleeping, eating, chilling and had a wonderful afternoon in a indoors climbing track.

The youth and the adults were invited Saturday noon by the church of Mainz at a local Thai restaurant.

During Saturday evening, while the youth spend time together, the adults had a small gathering and had the mayor of Mainz visiting for half an hour. During this small meeting testimonies and news was shared from both churches. They also took some time to pray.

Sunday? A wonderful breakfast and church service.

After the service a great buffet was waiting for us. After the meal we were blessed for the trip back home to Belgium.

Mainz: Thank you very much for the wonderful time, the warm welcome and the well filled program. Also the youth from the Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde Mainz.


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