Visit from Springfield Park Baptist Church

GroepsfotoOn Friday, march 14th, 2014 we welcomed our brothers and sisters from Springfield – Chelmsford, United Kingdom. The Springfield Park Baptist Church is in partnership with the Bethel Church in Lombardsijde, and every year we look forward to meeting again our “family”.

Also this years was a wonderful meeting. It was to late on Friday evening to have any program in place so we had a chat and went to sleep.

Saturday morning, breakfast and then off we went. The first thing on the program was the Talbot House in Poperinge. We would first meet more people, who came later from England, at the Poperinge parking.

The Talbot House was a wonderful experience, once you knew what it is all about. We this a recommendation to take a look at their website and even visit the place itself.

We were warmly welcomed by a guide who share the story about this wonderful house. Also we were offered a free cup of real British tee. We could enjoy the environment and each other’s company while other took care of the ambiance on the piano.

The top floor of the Talbot House is a chapel, where we took the time to reflect a little and listen to the history of the house and chapel. Wonderful to find out how many people gave their hearts to God in this place.

Later that afternoon we passed by the Menin Gate. An impressive monument were war victims are daily remembered.

And what a better way to close the day with real Belgian fries and stew.

Sunday, after a wonderful service, followed by a delicious meal it was time again to say goodbye. But we are already looking forward to meeting our British brothers and sisters again.

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