Mainz 2012

On Friday June first we left at 8 :15am from the Bethel Church to our partner Church in Mainz and we had very good weather when we took off. We had a good drive and the roads were not to busy. On the way we took a couple of bathroom breaks and had something to eat. One of our stops was the Moezel Valey. It was wonderful.
Our group was very warmly received by the “Freikirche Gemeinde Mainz”. After a nice mail and a prayer we were taken to our guest families where we would stay over nights. After a little snack and a chat we went to sleep.
Saturday was a very busy day.
After a extended breakfast we took of to the Bible Museum in Frankfurt. It was an unforgettable experience. For example the cross what was actually not a cross at all. Because of the heavy logs the vertical beam stayed in de ground and the convicts would walk through the streets, strapped to a beam on their neck, shoulders and arm (also Jesus). When they came to the place of crucifixion the horizontal beam was placed on top of the vertical beam. On top of that beam a plaque was placed with the name of the convict. Jesus plaque said INRI (King of Jews). And that Is what made it look like cross which came the main Christian Symbol. But first Christian symbol was the Ichtus (the fish)

Also we have seen a lot about the Old Testament. It makes things look different from the way we used to read it. It is really a museum to come back to and explore.

After a typical local lunch in a Frankfurt restaurant, where we ate local food, we split up the group when going into the city. One group went shopping while the other group went all the way to the top of the “Sparkasse Tower”. After a short briefing we took the elevator and flew all the way to the 56th floor in 45 seconds. The view was amazing. We could see the city and all of it’s surroundings.

After small setbacks with the train, tram and bus and a lot of chatting and laughing we arrive quite late at the church. Our German brothers and sister received us with a nice barbeque all the way. That night was so wonderful. Singing together and praying with all these different nationalities. One in the Lord

Sadly it was soon Sunday, our last day, but a blessed service. Our own youth group brought a nice song and the German choir sang with angel voices. Pr. Samuel preached that morning. He used some verses from the book of Esther and talked about gossip, pride, obedience, …

Sharing the bread and the wine together in a different way we are used to, but it was very serene.

After the service, lunch and around 2:00pm back on the road. We had rain all the way home, but we are so thankful for this blessed weekend and the love of our brothers and sisters in Mainz. And because God took care of us and protected us during these memorable three days

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