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Since a short time we have decided to give our youth their own site. This site will be a replacement of the currenct FB page and email-reports that are being sent on weekly basis.

We hope to show more of the youth and church to the world through that site.
The reports of the youth biblestudies and the emails that are being sent every week will be placed in posts on the blog. There will be a forum where questions and answers will be processed and also possibly other subjects. An other feature is the agenda, where activities will be found.
The youth will get an option to register on the site and make their own profile. They’ll be able to send messages to eachother and even chat, like on facebook.

At the moment the site is being constructed in Dutch, but we are looking forward to translated everything to French aswell.

If everything goes by plan, the new site will be online within the coming weeks.

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