Weltersbach 2011

As for many years also this year we have gone to Weltersbach as a church.
The retreat gives people the chance to get to know eachother better and fellowship in a relax atmosphere and focus on the Word of God together.
The theme for the retreat this year was: “Where is God?” Every morning during Bible study this theme was discussed and thought about. It made people think and the subject isn’t finished yet. We hope to continue this theme in the Church Bible Studies or maybe continue this during another trip.

Also this year there were people that joined this trip for the first time; new church members, but also friends of the church. Everyone was warmly welcomed en had a feeling of solidarity.

About Weltersbach; it might be good to visit their website to get to know more about it.
The people of this parish really have been taking good care for the Bethel Church and their guests and they did everything to make the stay as pleasant as possible.

One night the youth of the church was invited by Ekkehard BECKER to make a night walk through the wood. It ended in a small barbecue with bread, sausages and soft drinks.

The old, young and the children all have extremely enjoyed this small midweek in Weltersbach.

To the people of Weltersbach a very warm thank you.

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