Trip to Springfield Park Baptist Church 2013

000On Friday the 15th of march 2013 the Bethel Church left to visit it’s partner Church in Springfield England. What you will be reading underneath is what some of our members thought about this wonderful weekend.

What I really enjoyed during the weekend in England, was the atmosphere in the group of the Bethel Church en also the friendliness of the people were we stayed the night. Also the Church leaders there where cool en had a lot of humor. Thank you Lord for the brotherly and human warmth.

David van de Berghe.

On Friday the 15th of march we went to the church in England. We lest at our church about 10:12h and drove to Calais where we were dropped on the train. After about half an hour driving underneath the sea we saw light on the end of the tunnel. Than we drove about an hour and a half to two hours before we finally we reached the church in Springfield. We were welcomed by Roger.

After recovering from our trip we went out to seek out the neighborhood and we went to a shopping centre. The walk did good for us.

We when returned, Ruben, David and myself got our instruments out and did a little jamming. After that we ate. We filled our tummies.

Later we went to our sleeping accommodations.

David en MichaelThe next morning we went back to the church where John was already waiting for us. From there we went to a coast side about 40km from Springfield. The weather wasn’t really great with all the wind and rain. We had a fun and great day, but also very tiring. Before we went back to the church David and me did something really funny. We had bought ourselves some really manly moustaches. It created some hilarious moments.

When we arrived back to the church we had some of the famous Fish and Chips.

To close the weekend we played 4 songs in the Sunday service. 3 with the choir and one with our youth band. (band without a name)

We had a great day and a little after noon we returned to Belgium.


It was a great weekend with lot’s of funny moments, lot’s of laughing and a lot of English. Ready for the next time.

Michael Pauwels.

Our trip started with a short trip to Calais and then after 35 minutes riding through the tunnel we drove direction Springfield. After about 2 hours we arrived at that little nice church where the Pastor welcomed us with a cup of coffee and ofcourse tea.

To shorten the story I will just tell you what we did. Shopping, shopping, shopping and shopping… but at different locations. We ate pizza, Fish and Chips, English breakfast and we had a cold buffet. And what a coffee table. The English are really good at that.

Sunday morning we had service together with wonderful music and an encouraging message, preach by our own Pastor Samuel. Our choir also did well and the music mad by David and Michael was mega-, super, enormously cool.

What I enjoyed most? The fellowship of brothers and sisters. There was this comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. This trip could be repeated.

Thank you Springfield for this fine weekend!


Yes we had a great weekend in England. We have been warmly welcomed by the Springfield Baptist Church. It is important for friends, family, sisters and brother to get to know eachother.

Our hosting family, where I and Denis stayed, was very friendly. Good that he originated from the Netherlands. We were able to talk Dutch. Cool.

The Church service had a good message and wonderful songs. After we had a great meal we had a great trip back to Belgium.

There was no problem driving on the left. We thank God for His protection.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would go by car through the channel by train. The journey was truly magnificent.

At our sister church, we were welcomed by the congregation and spent a wonderful time with them. Unfortunately I could not spend saterday with everybody as I went to visit a sick, dearly-loved friend, who worked with me in JHB.

The couple who entertained me were wonderful and I can only express my heart felt gratitude to Peter and Alison for their kindness shown to me so, with this, I wish to thank each and everyone, not only the lovely people at Springfield, but also our own pastor Samuel and his wife and my fellow church members for a beautiful weekend.

I shall always remember with fondness.


It is good as children of God from different countries to gather, everyone with his or her own language. The Lord puts words in our mouth so we were able to understand eachother.

Also the trip to and from Springfield was a pleasant experience.

Robert and Ghislaine.

It was a blessed, super weekend. Worth doing it again.

Rudi en Maria

Our stay in Springfield Park

On Friday morning march 15th at 9 o’clock we gathered at our church in Lombardsijde. After a coffee and a good attitude we left for the train. Not just any train, but one that goes in a tunnel underneath the sea. The tunnel itself is about 40 meters under the bottom of the sea. We came back up after a 25 minute trip under water, without goggles and snorkel. And that we had to change our mindset from driving right to driving left. A bit strange, but it was fun.

Arriving at Springfield we were welcomed by the preacher with a cup of coffee and tea and a nice peace of apple cake. The combination was perfect. Following we went by foot to a shopping centre. After a nice walk at the centre we returned back to the church.

There we were received for a nice meal with pizza and lot’s of other nice things. After spending some time together we went with our hosts for the night over. Some of us went to a hotel, where they have been warm heartily received.

On Saturday morning, after a good English breakfast we could start our day with joy and good courage because everything goes in His presence and with His help. At 10 O’clock we gathered at the church and from there we drove to the coast side. It was a pity that there was rain and wind, but it didn’t kill our good mood. We had fun all around. We spend all day at a large shopping centre and for those who wanted they could defy the bad weather and have a walk on the pier. It was hard labor to keep standing because of the wind.

About 6 o’clock we arrived safely and well in church. There was awaiting the famous dish; Fish and Chips, but for some it was Chicken and Chips. It was so much fun to be among brothers and sisters in His name en to get to know each other better. At 9 o’clock we went back to our temporarily lodging and finished the evening chatting, having a little drink and snack.

Sunday we returned back to church after a good breakfast and gathering our luggage. At the church we had a service to worship Him and praise Him in prayer and songs. The service was followed by a big mail where we filled our bellies. We left back to Belgium at about 3 o’clock. But first there was a big farewell from our English brothers and sister.

By His protection we arrived safely back home. It was a perfect weekend. We are already looking forward for our next stay in 2015.

Thanks to everyone for this wonderful time and fellowship.

God’s Rich Blessing to everyone of us.

Jo Van Achter

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  1. For me as the U.B.B.’s seafarer missionary it was very encouraging to see what God is doing in England despite the blockades trying to hinder the promotion of the Gospel. It was a good spiritual learning experience to do evangelisation & pray with the missionary of Springfield Park Baptist church as well to hear from him how the Gospel is going forward in India. It was enriching to see how our partner church in Chelmsford is putting first God and His will with prayer as His disciples & witnesses in their everyday life, & to comply with the very last command of Jesus Christ – proclaiming the Gospel in their own congregation, city, province, country & in other countries. May God bless them for that!
    Greetings & peace in Jesus Christ, Willi

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