Zomer 2015

The summer has officially past and the autumn has started.
We are well in september and all the normal activities are back on track again. Also this summer the church has hosted the UBB youth- and children’s camps.


During the last years camps Samuel and Annick layed down their work as organizers of the camps, but that didn’t stop a small group of young people to form a small committee to preserve the existences of the camps. Most members of this new committee are young people who grew up in the camps as participators and later as counselors. Samuel and Annick will still be part of the committee, mainly to advice, since they have many years of experience.

Also this year camps were a blessing regardless the limited space. The weather was wonderful and it was a joy to see the new committee working for the first time. We are looking forward what the future will bring and how we’ll be a blessing to the youth and children.

Here you will be able to see some pictures.

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